DesignRecruiter specializes in sourcing, evaluating and hiring top talent within the user experience and interactive creative design field. We offer a unique combination of services that can accommodate and meet all of your staffing needs. Here are a few of the companies we've helped:

about us

Stephanie Shapiro has worked in the design field for the last 15 years. She started her career at Landor Associates in San Francisco as a production artist where she worked side-by-side highly trained, well-schooled designers.

Stephanie soon realized design is not just pretty pictures but real solutions to business problems. And in both print and interactive – there is a rigorous methodology to be followed in order to come up with the best, effective design solution.

In 1997, Stephanie moved into a recruiting position at a small interactive design company called Adjacency which 9 months later was acquired by Sapient. Stephanie spearheaded a large team of recruiters focused purely on creative design hiring.

In 2003, Stephanie founded DesignRecruiter.


Services include contingency or retained searches, staffing of freelancers on short and long term contracts, and customized consulting on an hourly or per project basis. During these tough economic times, we will work with you to customize a package of recruiting services to meet your hiring and budget requirements.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Executive Design Leadership
  • Product Design/UX Design
  • Visual/UI Design
  • Mobile/Native App Expertise
  • Content Strategy/UX Writing
  • User Research
  • UX Engineering
  • Brand/Marketing Design (visual and copy)
  • Design Innovation and Strategy
  • Program Management
  • Design Operations
  • Product Management

Retained or Contingency Searches:

DesignRecruiter will source, interview and hire full-time candidates at all levels within the interactive creative design field.

Staffing of freelancers for short and long term contracts:

DesignRecruiter will source and screen appropriate talent for short and long term projects. Our fees are always transparent to both clients and candidates.

Outsource Design Hiring to DesignRecruiter:

DesignRecruiter will dedicate a recruiter and sourcer as needed to focus on your specific hiring needs. DesignRecruiter will manage both inbound and passive candidates through the entire hiring process.

Monthly Subscription:

The monthly subscription provides access to our entire database of freelancers, providing real time data such as rate, availability, contact information and portfolios/work samples. Our goal is to provide an easy and useful tool to help you manage your freelance staffing needs. Additionally, this subscription includes unlimited freelance job postings. The monthly subscription is offered at $500 per month.

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need a gig?

DesignRecruiter works with the top companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta and Toronto. Names, rates, availability, urls are provided to clients and in turn clients will reach out directly to negotiate freelance and/or permanent opportunities with candidates.There is no fee associated with this service for candidates looking for work. If you are interested in becoming part of this community please email your resume and url to

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